The Myriad was founded on August 21st, 2017, on a full moon and on the anniversary of the Haitian Revolution and the Nat Turner Rebellion.

The Myriad is a Spiritual House and Organization of Conjurers/rootworkers/nganga (practitioners of the Afro-American religiospiritual tradition known as Hoodoo or Conjure).

We are especially concerned with decolonizing our ethnic tradition, known as Conjure/Hoodoo, from culture vultures and deliberate revisionists, as well as combating attempts at destroying indigenous spiritualities. We maintain various charity endeavors to uplift various undersupported communities. 

The Myriad is also a collective of njuzu priests under the leadership of Baba Siete.

The Myriad is the second incarnation of The House of the Spiritual Mercenary, the esteemed Serene One, Lord Mercenary of The Myriad, Baba Siete, also Baba Nganga Bukhosi Bhekizulu and all other accorded ranks, titles, and names.