Baba Siete, through The Myriad and his own specializations, provides assorted services on a mercenary basis to provide solutions to a variety of issues in the personal lives of our clients, including but not limited to the areas of divination, spiritual cleansing, energy work, exorcism, curse-breaking, last rites, wedding ceremony, and wedding officiation. (State of New York only)

Baba Siete will travel locally or internationally at the expense of the client. Emergency services can be arranged.

Custom work is available upon request.  

Please contact for more details.

Readings currently take place via Facebook Messenger Audio or Facetime Audio, although accommodations can be made.  Spiritual work takes place at his residence, or the residence of the client unless otherwise indicated. We do long distance divination via phone.

Payment for services is accepted via the site.

Other payment mediums are available. Contact us for details.

Additionally, you're now able to schedule on Acuity once you have purchased your divination. Please include the order number and contact details in the notes of the booking as well as your DOB.