Thank you for your continued support of The Myriad. Here is a list of trusted service providers and businesses belonging to members of Our House.

East Coast

Business name: Hoodoo Hussy Conjure Enterprises

Business type (what's being offered): condition oils, spiritual baths, gris gris
Contact email:
Location: New York, New York

Hoodoo Hussy is a conjure woman, rootworker and initiated Njuzu priestess with roots in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Business Name: Sun In Twelfth

Business Type: Astrology & Divination 


Contact email:

Location: DMV 

Mariah of Sun In Twelfth is the House Astrologer of The Myriad.

Business name: Oriola Speaks / Omo Oshun Ewa (I have 2)

Business type (what's being offered):

Oriola Speaks: Cultural Analysis, Community Program Coordination & Support, Community Outreach, Self Care & Identity Support and Workshops for Caregivers, Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing Support, Research/Essays/Blogging;

Omo Oshun Ewa: Wearable Art Design and Production.


Contact email: 

Location: New Jersey

Business name: Noire Salon

Business type (what's being offered): Natural Hair Care Services, Professional & Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair Coloring.


Contact email:

Location: Silver Spring, MD

Bio (no more than 4 sentences): Camille is a 20 year licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Educator. She specializes in Loc Cuts and Coloring as well as individualized nutrition & health counseling for clients experiencing hair thinning & hair loss. She’s been featured in Essence Hot Hair Magazine (2011). Her celebrity clientele includes Ava DuVernay (2015 White House Correspondents Dinner) and TIDAL music for the 10/15 (2016) Benefit concert (team stylist for this event).


Business name:   Juju Bae /A Little Juju Podcast

Business type (what's being offered): Apparel: Make Conjure Black Again hats, Hoodoo Matters shirts. Weekly podcast: A Little Juju Podcast


Contact email:

Location: Chicago, IL 

Juju is a conjurer, spiritual organizer,  medium, and creator of the Make Conjure Black Again caps. She is also the host of A Little Juju Podcast; the weekly podcast about blackness, spirituality, and liberation from a 20' somethin' perspective! Juju prioritizes healing, sustaining our ancestors work, and divinely creating the world we want to see.  From the MCBA hats to the unwavering celebration of black people and OUR spiritual traditions, Juju's work is a call for all of us to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves through our ancestors and collective power.

Businss Name: Salt + Ko Catering and Events 


Business Type: We provide hospitality services and consulting to the greater Detroit and New York area. We specialize in pan carribbean, southern and Asian fusion.


Bio: Vibrant, young, and tenacious, Ryan of Salt+ Ko has developed a delicious and global culinary palate. Well traveled, Ryan has infused his dishes with his experiences and never disappoints. Ryan has won a number of culinary awards and is always seeking to challenge himself to new culinary heights.

Business Name: Red River Conjurer 

Business Type: Conjure Services and Products, such as Condition Oils, Mojos, Floorwagsss, etc.


Contact email: 

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana 

Bio: Consul-General of The Myriad, Keaton is a Conjure from Northwest, Louisiana. He is an alchemist at heart, always seeking ways to improve upon his conjuring to shift the world in his favor. He's a natural flower child with a love for whiskey, antique shopping, and herbalism. 

Business name: RareSpirals

Business type (what's being offered): wirewrapped and hand sculpted jewelry and hair accessories. 


Contact email: 

Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana

Mengi of RareSpirals is the Queen of Wirewrapping. Her intricate, delicate work is infused with immense spiritual power. Ethereal and almost alien in aesthetic, her work unites the tools of the earth into art that not only heals, but is strikingly unique. Pieces that Mengi has created are part of the Serene One’s permanent Regalia.

West Coast

Business Name: The AfroMystic

Business Type: Divination, Rootwork Services, Original and Traditional Conjure, Products, Conjure and General Spiritual Education


Location: Los Angeles, CA

The AfroMystic is a 4th generation Conjurer based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Business Name: Viváswan 

Business Type: Art (Music, Filmmaking, Acting, Modeling) & Energy Work (deep tissue, reiki, alignment, etc) 

Contact Email: 

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

Bio: Viváswan is an Dravidian-American who is an artist currently residing in LA. Formerly a celebrity songwriter in the industry, he now focuses on the production of his own vision, as well as offering artists and other healers in-depth healing. A proponent of global Blackness, Vivaswan emphasizes the legendary historic connection between Dravidians and the Mother Continent, as Dravidians constitute one of the oldest groups of the African Diaspora.