All services provided by your spiritual service provider, whether Baba Siete or another member of The Myriad, are subject to local and universal law and other regulations, as well as potential for interference or even negation by the high ancestors, various divinities, or spiritual protections surrounding the "object" or target.


Baba Siete will divine before undertaking more complex work to ensure that the desired outcome is within the realm of possibility. Baba Siete will not offer what cannot be provided.

Services are not refundable and you are liable for any adverse consequences resulting from karmic backlash when purchasing certain work. This may include obstructions in a variety of areas of your own life.  For this reason, Baba Siete (or others) may deny a request for work, or suggest you purchase a cleansing with him to prevent or offset adverse effects. Baba Siete (or others acting on his behalf) may also bill you additionally in order to reimburse him for any expenses incurred in regards to spiritual work he himself may need to do to protect himself. Siete will not incur illegalities in the course of his work.

For certain types of work, it may take longer to manifest, due to variables and potentialities outside of our control, although we do our best to obtain results within 30 days. That said, some work may take up to a year to manifest.

Prices, listings, and other variables on this site are not comprehensive. Therefore, price quotes are subject to the Spiritual Mercenary's discretion. Your work may be more or less expensive based on the duration, intensity, difficulty, personal expense, availability of specialized supplies, need for adjunct practitioners, or other factors.

For more details, please email