Who are the ancestors?

The ancestors are the collective body of deceased human beings, filtered through various tribal, ethnic, religious, or lineage-based designations. A deceased relative or even an offspring becomes an ancestor. An example is a grandparent that passed before one was born. Another would be the collective body of ancestors known as the Ancestors of the Middle Passage. 


What is Divination and how does it work? 

Divination is the practice of consulting otherworldly forces like deities, ancestors, and other spirits, as well as the internal psychological environment of the client for clarity, information, and solutions to personal concerns. Divination is a tool of communication, that is of extensive use in utilizing streamlined solutions to resolve imbalances in the life of the client. Clients will seek consultations on a variety of basis, from biweekly, to monthly, to biyearly, or otherwise more or less regularly depending on the client’s unique situation. Divination, in my experience, is best suited as a tool to address the present day, as the past has happened and the future is in flux. 

Divination is accomplished with an oracular device (like a pendulum) or a system of divination, like throwing bones or coins, I-Ching, eerindinlogun (diloggun), as well as sand gazing and some forms of trance. 


What is a condition soap? How do I use it?

Firstly, "Crossed" conditions are blockages and obstacles in a specific area of life, or if one's life is generally crossed. This also includes hexes and curses. The issue is a matter of scale. A Condition Soap is one of the ways we deploy a spiritual medicine to treat and resolve those issues. To resolve conditions. 

We do all the work on our end so that all you must do is use the soap as you would use any other bar of soap. The effect is cumulative, so it is advised to use until completely finished. 


How do I know which type of soap, oil lamp or spiritual bath to order? What if I'm interested in other products? 

Many of our clients are also colleagues in the field of spiritual work and are also service providers (priests, shamans, conjuremen/women). They may employ divination of their own and will request a specific product or a custom order. 

For civilians, purchasing a divination is suggested in order to confirm that the desired purchase will resolve the issues pending resolution. There may be other work that needs to be employed. 

Our lamps, for instance, are generally prescribed in divination.

Divination with the The Serene One is the best way to determine what is needed and gives him a map to your issues and how to resolve them. However, many clients simply purchase what feels best. If necessary, we will alert them to what else needs to be addressed. 


I sense negative energy in my home. Can I just burn some sage to cleanse my space?

While civilians have varying levels of success with cleansing and exorcism methods, we do not suggest recklessly attempting to purge a residence. 

Sage is also an herb that is extremely overused and often misapplied. It also does not remove certain types of entities and energies, and if it doesn't resolve your situation, it can easily make it worse. 

We at The Myriad offer house cleansings, as well as defensive arrays and  defensive perimeters to protect and fortify your home and its inhabitants. 


What is conjure?

Conjure, also known as hoodoo and rootwork, is the collective magico-spiritual tradition of ethnic Afro-Americans (including Louisiana Creoles and Gullah Geetchees, etc) derived most extensively from West African practices. Conjure is a diasporic tradition that is also inflected with influences from cultures that AfroAmericans (and our African ancestors) engaged with. 


Can I order products for someone else?
Yes, but you would ideally follow the protocol for purchasing for oneself, outlined above. 


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally. However, there are countries where it is difficult for certain products to pass customs inspection. However, we will make every effort to ensure that your receive your product. 


“How can I join The Myriad?”

The Myriad is only open to individuals who submit formal applications, which are then put to scrutiny by various means, including divination.

Entrance into The Myriad grants one the opportunity to study in The Academy of The Myriad, a virtual and physical school that educates and trains incoming Acolytes in the spiritual arts, polishing them into eventual Conjurers-Nganga.


Are your practices/services averse or contradictory to my existing religion/spiritual practices?

We have clients who identify as Christian and Muslim (among many other religions) and we do not require people to hold our beliefs in order to purchase or benefit from our services. We are not interested in conversion. 

Whether they are contradictory isn't something we can determine for you. However, we will always relay the advisement given from The Other Side.

Our priority is providing quality services to resolve your issues and being compensated for such service in a timely fashion. 


I want to learn more about African Traditional Religions and spiritual practices. Do you have online classes?

We do not have online classes, and we are currently not taking any more students, but we are in the process of designing a 3 week intensive course for the basics of Ancestor Reverence. 


Why do you call yourself a mercenary? That's a very controversial term!

Spiritual service providers are by nature working for compensation as contractors for transactional relationships. It is important for you to know that you are retaining a service provider, and that their labor should be compensated in ways they can actually use. The Serene One, although otherwise an accomplished rank-holding priest, does not work for free except in very special circumstances.


Why not?

Because the rent is too damn high. That's why. 

Additionally, we are not in an age and place (as we are located in the Western World) where our priests and spiritual services providers are integrated into the government structure, or part of a symbiosis with a village where we are integrated naturally into the community and all of our needs are met and provisions are easily available. Although we belong to multiple religious communities, outsiders need to have access to us and our services. Additionally, all of our supplies cost money, and many are imported. Our labor also deserves compensation. We are specialists in our field. Do you think twice about paying your doctor? (We are also doctors of a sort--- hence the terms root doctor, two headed doctor, and nganga.)

Approach purchasing our products and services as investment in yourself and your future generations. Or even a lifeline, depending on the nature of your case. 

We at spiritualmercenary.com strive to price our work and services at a market rate that is still largely available to the wider public. We only use the highest quality products available, and we prize our relationships with our clients. 

Finally, our charitable endeavors are not funded by “tithing” like in certain other spiritualities. The capital for our charitable endeavors comes through compensation for our labor.