His Excellency The Serene One, Lord Mercenary of The Myriad, known as Baba Siete, who is also known as Baba Bukhosi Bhekizulu chaNjuzu, along with all other held titles and names.

Baba Siete has always maintained a sustained interest in the spiritual since pre-adolescence. An inheritor of potent ancestral gifts common to his family lineage, he displayed the gift of prophecy and second sight as a child, which gave him insight into other layers of the world that are not readily evident to everyone.

During adolescence, Baba Siete began seeking out the elders and mentors that would hone him into the force he currently is.

As of now, he has received a number of initiations to his ancestral deities, as well as training in multiple ancestral traditions, and has established a select and growing clientele due to his service to the community and his competence in the field, across the United States and all over the rest of the world.

Our Baba founded The Myriad to ensure that ancient wisdom would not be lost, but that it would be continued, and to ensure that individuals of talent and aptitude would be properly trained.

Baba Siete currently resides in New York City.


Candice Mercedes is the Left Hand of The Lord Mercenary of The Myriad, as well as Speaker to the Dead in The Myriad. 

Her Excellency has a background in many areas of work and also maintains a career as a mortician. She is currently in residence in the Midwest.

The Left Hand also oversees the Serene One’s Assistants, which are three in number. The First Assistant is followed by two Second Assistants. These individuals were selected for their excellence and skills outside of The Myriad.


The Advisory Council is the body of individuals who advise The Serene One on matters pertaining to their point of expertise.

The Advisory Council are currently 12 individuals in number and are drawn from various walks of life. 


This also includes The Headmistress of The Academy, Maita Banga chaNjuzu, who is the initiatory sister of the Serene One.